Thursday, April 24, 2014

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Everybody's Money Matters
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Money 101: School Your College-Bound Child
You've done your best to provide your child with the common sense and confidence necessary to face the heavy dose of reality that comes with landing on a college campus. But have you had "the talk"? The money talk, that is.

Heartbleed Defense: Three Tools That Protect Your Passwords
In the wake of the Heartbleed encryption flaw, learn how complex passwords and password managers can protect you from identity theft online.

Fast Fact: Couples Coy With Financial Info
As many as half of all couples don't share complete information about their finances. But "mind your own bees' wax" is not a sound policy for life partners.

New Help to Choose the Safest Car
If you're looking for a new car you need to shop carefully to get the latest safety features at the best price. Fortunately, some of the new advances, which started with luxury brands, now are moving into mainstream cars as well.

Everybody's Money Matters: Consumers Confront the Debt and Deficit
Credit Union National Association economists help examine the national debt and deficit, and how it affects consumers.

The news brings reports of financial security breaches nearly every week, if not more often. Snap Survey wants to know: Have you been affected by a retailer's security lapse?

Everybody's Money Matters—Ironclad Couponing: Right Coupon, Right Store, Right Time
There were 315 <I>billion</I> coupons issued in 2013. Experts say the trick to maximizing savings is layering coupons on top of sale prices and store promotions—getting three or more deals for the price of one.

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