Friday, November 21, 2014

Everybody's Money Matters
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Hospice Care Isn't About Dying—It's About Fully Living
Hospice care is designed to ease the mental and physical suffering of terminally ill patients and their families, but most Americans don't take full advantage of it.

Meal Planning Saves You Time and Money
Monthly menu planning can curb food waste, improve nutrition, and save money.

$50 Winner: Figuring Out Tax Withholding
Everybody's Money Matters helps explain tax withholdings.

One national poll suggests that Americans lack confidence regarding personal finance. Snap Survey wants to know: How much confidence do you have in your ability to manage money?

Understand the Impact of Co-Signing
When you co-sign a loan or credit card application, you're lending your good name and your solid credit history. You are making a promise to repay in full if the original borrower can't, doesn't, or just plain won't.

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