Friday, August 22, 2014

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Interest Deferred: Beware Zero-Percent Medical Credit Cards
When you need medical, dental, or even veterinary care in a hurry, getting a zero-percent interest credit card can seem like a great deal. But if you fail to read the fine print, you could end up paying twice as much—or more—as the original bill.

Credit Unions Tally 100 Million Memberships in U.S.
Credit unions have reached and surpassed 100 million memberships nationwide—equivalent to one of every three Americans.

$50 Winner: What Newbie Home Buyers Need to Know
Everybody's Money Matters helps a first-time home buyer get her ducks in a row to buy a house.

IRS Presents Taxpayer Bill of Rights
The Internal Revenue Service provides consumers a better understanding of their rights under the tax code by distributing its Taxpayer Bill of Rights.

One national poll suggests that Americans lack confidence regarding personal finance. Snap Survey wants to know: How much confidence do you have in your ability to manage money?

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