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Friday, July 3, 2015

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Don't Let a Windfall Be Your Downfall
A windfall describes fruit rotting on the ground as well as receipt of an unexpected sum of money. Make sure a windfallóreal or bogusódoesn't become your downfall.

Fast Fact: "Brady Bunch" Families Confront Financial Challenges
With more than half of all marriages ending in divorce and more than 40% of all Americans having at least one step relative, it's imperative to talk about money and how you'll handle itóbefore you enter into a new marriage.

Help Young Adults Move Out of Your Finances
From a financial perspective, it's not when your adult children move out of the house that matters, it's when they move out of your finances that really counts. Helping your young adults reach this milestone depends on a variety of factors.

One and Done: What You Should Know About the IRA Rollover Rule Change
The IRS has changed its position on the IRA rollover rule. Starting in 2015, the IRS limits you to one rollover in a 12-month span, no matter how many IRA accounts you own. Messing up, even by accident, could mean expensive tax penalties.

Every family has its own philosophy about how to raise money-savvy kids. Author Ron Lieber says, for example, you should tell your kids how much money you make. What's Your Story wants to know, how do you handle this important topic?

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Help Your Teen Afford the Right Car
Parents, your teen's first car provides a special teaching opportunity.