Monday, September 22, 2014

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Recognize the Condo Difference Before You Buy
Condo living is different from living in a single-family home. Before you buy a condo, get copies of documents listing rules and restrictions—and read them carefully.

Bridging the Gap Year
Tens of thousands of American students pursue a gap year—a planned break in formal education between high school and college. Your credit union can help with financing.

Fast Fact: Act on Financial Red Flags
The time to heed financial red flags is before they escalate into severe problems. The trick is to identify warning signs in time.

One national poll suggests that Americans lack confidence regarding personal finance. Snap Survey wants to know: How much confidence do you have in your ability to manage money?

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Understand the Impact of Co-Signing
When you co-sign a loan or credit card application, you're lending your good name and your solid credit history. You are making a promise to repay in full if the original borrower can't, doesn't, or just plain won't.